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March 2017

“Teach me, O Lord, the way of your statutes, and I will observe it
to the end.” Psalm 119:33

Dear Redeemer Family:
The year 2017 marks the international observance of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. In honor of that
anniversary, our Wednesday Evening Lenten series is built around Luther’s Small Catechism. When we think of Martin
Luther, we tend to think of him as an Augustinian monk, pastor, and university professor. But, it is his work as a biblical
scholar, translator of the Bible, public confessor of the faith, reformer of the liturgy, theologian, educator, and also
father of German vernacular literature that holds him in our remembrance. In Luther’s own judgment, the greatest of all
of his works was his catechism, written to instruct people in the basics of faith.

The Small Catechism was designed as a teaching tool of the faith, not just within the church but in the home.
Luther intended for the home to be the place where faith was first shared and taught. To that end he created the Small
Catechism: a simple explanation of the Ten Commandments, the Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, and the Sacraments.
He included basic prayers for morning and evening, and suggested ways to worship, praise, and revere God during each
part of our day.


The series uses scripture readings from the daily lectionary, or passages referred to in the Small Catechism itself. The first week of the series sets the stage for the handing down of the Ten Commandments in Exodus. The following weeks look at each major section of the Small Catechism in turn: the Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, Baptism, and Holy Communion.

Studying the Small Catechism offers a way of growing closer to God by thinking on God’s Word and the basics of our faith. As we enter the Season of Lent, and prepare for the arrival of Easter, this will be an excellent method to refresh our faith, and our understandings, as we seek to draw closer to our God. I hope to see many of you there. As always, service will begin on Wednesday evenings at 7:30. And yes we will be having our Lenten Soup Suppers, followed by a Bible Study, prior to worship. May we all have a good, and enlightening, Lenten journey.

In Christ, Pastor Rose

February 2017

“Light shines in the darkness for the upright.” Psalm 112:4


Dear Redeemer Family:

We are still in winter. The days are short. In fact, the other day I was kind of amazed at how early it was beginning to get dark towards the end of the afternoon. But, the good news is that we are also in the Season of Epiphany, the season of light. “Epiphany” means, at least in the Church, “God’s light breaking in.” To some, that may be an epiphany, but that is another meaning of the word. In this season of darkness for earth, we remember that God is breaking into our world and our lives through His Son Jesus Christ. I think that it is a good image for this time of year. Every day now, the day is getting a little bit longer. The light is winning over the darkness. God is coming in to enlighten us. That is a marvelous thought!


During winter, many people are affected by the darkness. I imagine that they are also affected by the weather of this season. The sky is gray. It rains or snows. Or worse, just a few days ago we had a three day ice storm. That can be depressing to many. For one thing, people may find themselves cooped up inside their homes and get “cabin fever.” There is the desire to be outside, and with it a desire for freedom which only the out of doors can bestow upon us. In winter, people’s spirits can become quite low.


This Season of Epiphany then is also a season of hope. God’s light is breaking into our world. The darkness is leaving us. We are given hope. Soon the weather will change. Days will be bright and sunny, and warm (especially in August). Although we may feel limited by the darkness of the world, and the sin which we have fallen into, we also know that God’s light has already broken into our world in the life of His Son. God’s light does not leave us, but grows stronger every moment. And through God’s light, we are renewed. The blessed rain renews the earth. God’s grace renews us. The weight of the “winter drearies” is lifted from us. And we are made free!


This Season of Epiphany is good for us. The light which began with the Star of Bethlehem shining on a manger continues to shine upon us. We gather like the Magi and Shepherds still to behold its brilliance in the face of our Savior. And being enlightened in such hope, we go back to our homes and those close to us to share that light and that hope with those who do not know it. This is a wonderful time, a glorious time, a time of brighter countenance in the face of a darkened world. Share the Good News with those who desperately need to hear it! Praise be to God and His light!



In Christ,

Pastor Rose