September 2023

“For as in one body we have many members, and not all the members have the same function, so we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually we are members one of another. We have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us;” Romans 12:4-6a

Dear Redeemer Family:
Well, Summer is almost over. And this Summer being almost over, I believe that it is safe to cry out, “Thank God.” As I write this, the temperature may hit 102 today, and of course, there is humidity. As I wrote last month, try to stay safe and cool. On the other hand, Summer is also a time when many of us take rest; vacations, holidays, etc. That is all good. We need a break from life’s normal grind. It is good to play.

Well, the normal time of play is almost over (although, I’m sure we will still find ways to continue). September is the normal time for the Church to “gear up” following the idle time of summer. So, things to think about as the congregation “gears up.”

Sunday School never went into summer hibernation this year. Indeed, we “reopened” it in June following our closed years of Covid. But we also changed it a bit. What we have done is combine all of the classes into one. So, children sit with parents and grandparents. That may be strange to some of you. But gee, that is the way that Sunday School was done for centuries. All of the generations gathered around God’s Word together. I think that it is a beautiful thing to see. You should come and see and learn. You may even learn something from one of our younger members. They have gifts to share as well.

The choir has been on a very brief break for Summer. They will be starting up practice soon as well. God has given many members the gift of vocal music (just not me). The choir works hard to perform music which enhances our worship. And they are always welcome to people joining them as well. Perhaps you may have the gift of voice.

WELCA and the Men’s Bible Study will be starting up soon following their summer hiatus. Both have projects and programs in the works to begin soon. I’ll give you a hint. WELCA has a rummage sale coming up soon. The Men’s Bible Study has several ideas being looked at; they just haven’t settled on when to do them yet. But projects need helpers, as well as calendars. Come and join in. We all have gifts to share.

We are all one body in Christ. He has given us each differing gifts. Gifts grow as they are used and shared. The above are just a few opportunities coming up to work and share and give service to Our Lord. Come take part, and enjoy!

In Christ,
Pastor Rose

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