August 2021

“Taste and see that the Lord is good.” Psalm 34:8
Dear Redeemer Family:

I looked at the above verse for a pretty long time, and it occurred to me that the problem is with one word. The word is “taste.” The problem with many people, in many things, is summed up with that one word, “taste.” They won’t do it! It requires action on our part. The word “see” on the other hand is more passive. True, you have to look in the general direction of something to see it. But once there, it is a more passive rendering. Taste on the other hand requires action on our part. You have to physically take something and put it in your mouth. Then, usually, you have to chew it. Then either swallow or spit whatever it is out. But, that takes action on our part. And there is fear of the unknown.

Anyone who has tried to feed a small child knows this one. If you put something new in front of a child you will hear things like; What is it? It doesn’t look good. I don’t want that! Don’t worry. God had the same trouble with the Israelites when He gave them the Manna in the wilderness. In fact, the word “Manna” in Hebrew means, “What is it?” When my daughter was little, if we were feeding her something new, and she asked, “What is it?” I automatically told her it was chicken. She liked chicken. She has eaten a whole lot of things that she thought was chicken, and wasn’t. Yes. I lied to my daughter. But, it got her to eat other things. She was unsure of the unknown.

In a weirdly similar occurrence, in this pandemic and recurring surge, we have the same thing. Barely half of the nation has gotten a vaccine because they are afraid of what might happen. And, I’ve come to the conclusion that the issue is FEAR! It doesn’t help that there are people out there telling lies about the subject for who knows why. They are feeding on other peoples’ fear. I’ve heard a couple of wonderful lies about the vaccines lately. 1) “It will change your DNA.” Sorry, vaccinations don’t work that way. They awaken your immune system to a new threat so that your body is prepared to meet that threat. True, most of the vaccines were set up by changing the DNA of the coronavirus. But, that won’t affect your DNA. 2) “It will make you infertile.” Highly doubtful. There are ways to make a person infertile; but, not usually with a shot in the arm. And why do that to millions, if not billions, of people? On the other hand, a very high fever and some infections can. And since Covid has 98 symptoms (at last count), it may by itself. Yes, I studied biology in college. 3) “The vaccines were developed too fast.” With advances in technology, and advances in biology, it was amazingly fast, several different vaccines in about the same amount of time. And they are between 70 to 96% effective. Wouldn’t that be considered a gift from God? God does heal people through modern medicine. True, there are risks and possible side effects . That is true with all vaccines. But, it is definitely better than the disease! But, people won’t know until the “taste and see.” It is the only way to stop this virus. Encourage others to get vaccinated. Then, they may come to know that “the Lord is good.” And this will be over.
In Christ,
Pastor Rose

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